We Begin at the Beginning

I had a blog, but I killed it.  That was a mistake.  In the age of information (or information overload), it is crucial to establish links to your work online.  The spiral notebooks collecting dust in your drawer won’t cut it, as far as credibility is concerned.  They want to know you’ve been published somewhere, that you have readership (even if there’s only one reader, and even if that reader is you).  So I’ve failed already.  I’m part of the generation that still had to hand in written assignments, where neat penmanship counted for something.  Thus, I’m attached to the written (as opposed to type-written) word.  I like the look of blue or black ink over lined paper.  I allow my fingers to caress the edges of ink-smudged sheets, soaking the aroma of dried Paper Mate or Bic.  I grope the letters that protrude proudly from the college-ruled lines, providing guidance for my curious digits as if it were Braille.  In short, I’m a pen and book man.

However, I’m not too old to change.  I am working a customer service job with dreams of doing something else, like millions of others, I suppose.  I want to write.  I want to be part of a writing community.  I want to be included in the conversation.  As such, I’m taking more conscious steps to get there.  I present to you my portfolio.  More material will follow.


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