Today Is A New Day

Well, I’m off to a great start.  Created this blog a month ago and as of this writing have one solid post.  Progress!  Shit, what can I say.  You get distracted, think of other things, letting the day run away from you like the always-reliable F train.  I’m sorry to disappoint you, ghost fans.  You are my people.  You know I don’t like to let you down.  And I never will, again.

So what’s new in the world?  What’s new in my life?  Should I fill you in?  I’m not much of a talker, or a blogger, for that reason.  Which makes me the perfect candidate for Writer of this Blog.  Or the presidency.  Why not?  I hear for the next election, presidential hopefuls will be selected via raffle tickets.  Huzzah!  I know that was a lame joke, and I’m not a “political” writer, so there won’t be many of those, but hell, it’s 9:21 am and only my second cup of coffee today, so cut me some slack.

So, onto the real topic of the day:  Why Would You Pursue A Degree in Playwriting?  Why indeed.  I’ll tell you right off, it has in no way prepared me for my prospective career as telephone operator/liquor store stock boy/diarist/domino player/speed-walker.  And that’s only during the morning hours.  At night, I’m an absentee television watcher and persistent dreamer of things not worth remembering.  So, they lied to me when they said I had a bright future ahead.

Your follow-up question to that might be “So what kind of future can I envision for myself as a prospective telephone operator/liquor store stock boy/diarist/domino player…etc?” Well, aside from the standard panic attacks and questions of self-worth that abound throughout the early hours, you are afforded the privilege of hearing other people’s problems and offering non-expert advice on how to solve them.  Which makes me think I should have studied psychology instead.

My computer froze after that last sentence.  Happenstance, or…Divine Intervention?  I promise I will try not to offend.  Or I will do so indiscriminately.  For now, I guess I’ll count myself lucky that this thing hasn’t self-destructed yet.  Til then, faithful readers!



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